2013-12-24_003955-300x166Download Windows 8.1 RTM X86 X64 PRO English Version, User impatience or users in a test Try Windows 8.1 Recent create Wiindows 8.1 RTM is also DI hurry, born of controversy, loss start button, and then make a Microsoft parties finally restore the Start button in Windows Version 8.1 is , not only the return of the Start Button at present in this 8.1 version.

Some Lock Screen feature is like a more cool, Coustumisasi Desktop Display, which friend can make Desktop Wallpaper equated with Metro Display, Actually In such a thing, Applications DECOR Stardock also already provides, in other Fiture 8.1 dedicate this win is Change Feature Search, pal application download from Microsoft Store directly aka automatic updates when Party Developers renew. Other feature is simply in itself ..: P

Windows Version 8.1 Final In proclaim to be present in the Universe’s Technology Mid-October, precisely on 18 OCTOBER 2013, For That, more shall prepare connected .. Hahaha ..

Well, those that now you have more connections, to try WINDOWS Version 8.1 PRO RTM (realease To manucfacturing)


RTM (Release to Release to Manufacturing or Marketing): instilah commonly in use for Back to the author. in the sense of not goods BROKEN RTM. RTM is a rule in the show as a specific software for computer hardware developer companies such as laptops for mengedarkanya in one package or bundle within the period in sepakatkan to test that windows has met the quality that really ready to circulate in the form of distribution RETAIL. So the bottom line RTM was ready to circulate in retail, just by the Company precedence computer developer.

IN THE QUOTATION from Softpedia

CALIFORNIA – While Microsoft has repeatedly asked its users to wait until mid-October to switch to Windows 8.1 final version, but the software giant appears to bite the fingers.

Because the operating system (OS) that has now been removed from the Release to Manufacturing (RTM) to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) that has been leaked on various Mayan sites. Thus, many of which can begin to taste Windows 8.1 earlier than they should.

Adapted Softpedia, Thursday (29/08/2013), the latest version of Windows 8.1 Pro x64 (64-bit) are circulating in cyberspace for download. Thus, users can dig deeper menganai any updates are pinned on the OS.

Although Softies do not recommend users to apply the final version was not yet official, but they’re quite tasted great success. How not, euphoria lovers Microsoft just feels great.

Until now unclear whether the x86 version (32-bit) will also be available leak or not. However, users will certainly look for a million ways to be able to run Windows 8.1 RTM version on their computer before the 18th October.

Windows 8.1 PRO RTM X86 X64 English Version final

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