Mobogenie Original / Description

☆Mobogenie has navigation bar and personalized recommendations for your mobile.
It just like a mobile market.
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Bam,mobogenie is a app so amazing,it can help you find anythings you want.
Over 1,200,000 apps and games in the store, you can easiest fetch apps and games you are loking for.
The everyday recommendations will help you discover free top applications, games awesome.
Mobogenie is a suit for android devices, now, that’s began to explored it

1. The editors had fetched and selected a lot of great Applications, games and so on.
2. Mobogenie can help you clean up the mobile phone memory, let your mobile phone to run faster and save battery power.
3. Transfer files from your Android to your PC and from your PC to your Android.
4. Clean up your mobile phone, saving battery power, let your mobile phone faster and more durable.
5. Help you manage your phone’s picture, applications.
6. 100% free! All applications and all the games forever free!
7. Support English; Portuguese; Indonesia; Vietnam; Russia; Poland; Italy;French; South;Korea; Thailand; Spanish; Persia; Arabic; hindi, Traditional Chinese.With truly localized high-speed content and features such as one-click downloads, smart and highly intuitive exploration for easy access.
8. A variety of different types of application collection,game collection, let you need not to look for hottest content
9. Download a variety of high quality products, let your mobile phone running more smoothly.
10. Introduce the latest application and games in the first time, let you find the latest applications and games. released software update information in the first time.
11. Mobogenie has the largest quantity of 100% safe and secure high quality localized mobile apps and entertainment resources.

Simplify your life with easy and convenient contact management and group messaging.
Mobogenie is not just a mobile marketing but also a easiest and simplest way to manager you mobile.
Mobogenie lite is a great platform for Android resources, where you can find the best mobile applications, games, as well as various other types of resources. Now it has been promoted in 23 different languages, and owns more than 200,000,000 users around the world.
– Good android store to get interesting game, A good store to find the most popular games/Apps, and the apps in Tops are worthy of trying.
– It’s not the best market app for Android to search Google Play, but it will be wothy to have it.
– Powerful Apps, games! There are so many amazing resources in Mobogenie.
– the UI is very clean, there’re all kinds of appswallpapers you need.
– Fabulous platform that you can download plenty of resources include apps, games and wallpapers, best of all I can use it in my own language
– Get everything for free and it is the pocket edition.
– Its so cool in fact the coolest app, but not perfect.
– It’s a best of all apps Give more help, Give more fun
– A new homepage interface:quickly find interesting products you want.
-Helps clean useless data from your mobiles. Helping you manager your mobile more quickly.
– Personalized recommendations: guess You may like
-New navigation bar(always on the top)
-Level/point system

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