– If my lover D.O. say hello to me when I turn on the smart phone?
– Getting lovely messages from my lover Hoya when I turn on the smart phone?!
– Know your star’s schedule is the first step of fan~ Check it in lockscreen directly!
– What if you can chat with your star as imagine?

Mydol is the lockscreen for every fans in the world.
When you wake up, eat meal, before go to
We saw smart phone over dozens of times in a day.
If you are a real fan, setting your star in the lockscreen is the basic of basic!
Now, add your favorite star’s photos in the Mydol Lockscreen.

What if your favorite star calls your name?
– If you put callname what you want to hear in, idol star that you set will call your name/nickname and send messages. If you have any special message that you want to hear, you can add it.

Did you feel boring to your background photo?!
– If you slide down to the left, you can go to the Mydol Space. You can download updated high quality photos every day, also share photos, videos, etc. In Mydol Space, you can set photos as lockscreen only touch the screen.

Knowing star’s schedule is the basic~
– Don’t go anywhere to find schedule. All idol’s schedule listed up! You can check schedule in the lockscreen quickly and easily.

For you who do ILKO in real world
– Are you in the situation that you should do ‘ILKO (pretend that you are not one of the idol’s fan)’?
If you slide down the button, it changes to the ‘ILKO’ mode! 여기서 마지막문장은 너무 길어질것같아서 안했어요!

For people who want to answer to star’s sweetie messages in Mydol lock screen
– Don’t be sad you couldn’t answer to star’s message like ‘what’s up, are you sleeping?’!
Now, you can chat with your star through Mydol talk in imagine~

Mydol always be with idols&stars and fans, also makes you like your star more.

* Messages in Mydol Lockscreen is not real messages from real idol group/member, they are imagine messages that Mydol team and users made. *

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