After a long postponement of the Rockstar-emergence ngundur game Grand Theft Auto V, now the lovers of pirated games had been able to smile. Because, Rockstar has announced the news release of Grand Theft Auto V or GTA V since last year, namely the 2014 Open World Game genre is indeed very much loved by all people, is evident from older versions of this game (GTA Vice City, GTA III, GTA San Andreas, etc.) has been successfully dominate the games market in the world.
Grand Theft Auto V
In the version of Grand Theft Auto V Full Version of this Rockstar has made so many changes in graphics and gameplay. In this game we are required to play a role as a mafia that run the missions of the city to another while adventuring. Note that GTA V has a size of up to 60GB, you know, so make sure the first mate had a pretty tough PC specifications.

How to Install:

First of all, make sure that the Internet connection has been disconnected and the firewall is turned off.
Put all the parts in a folder and extract using winrar.
Copy the entire contents of the folder to folder Update 3 GTA V in the extract.
After that, install Social Club with command Run As Administrator.
Copy all the contents of the file to the directory GTA V Crack her.
Jalanlan Launcher.Exe (Run as admin) to play.



Ensure that your Operating System minimal Windows 7 SP 1 !!!
Crack is not working in a laptop that has a dual VGA or Switchable Graphics.
For now, the crack there are still many bugs and has not run completely on all Windows 7/8 / 8.1 and 10.
Crack version 4 has been fixing bugs “Activation Required” and Bugs “press Q” (Read FAQ’s)


download via google drive