Quran Now is the Complete Quran Recitation application, translation and transliteration of Quran Kareem. Read the full Quran on your smartphone anytime anywhere you want. This app teaches you how to read the Quran with Tajweed by utilizing readings and transliteration audio features.
Quran Now the application has the following features:

• All 114 Sura Quran is in order.
• Translation of Quran in English to understand the meaning of the Quran.
• Transliteration of the Quran to help you get the pronunciation of words.
• Recitation of Quran Sura can be downloaded separately, or you can download the full Quran in the mp3 audio.
• Use the “Go to” option to find a particular verse.
• Search for the chapter using the search bar.
• Bookmarks paragraph to be able to start reading from where you left off.
• The settings include:
1. 3 different Arabic fonts to choose from.
2. Change the font size you want.
3. Set the font color and background color of your own.
4. Select to display the translation and transliteration.
5. Set the notification of the application to remind you of the time to Quran recitation.
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