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Building MINECRAFT HOUSE Wallpapers

Here is how to build House in Minecraft 😀

1. Begin to find a 6×8 flat area, with a wall you need a bit more.2. Dig 3 blocks down in the whole marked area.3. Fill with cobble as walls and wood as floor. This will be the basement.4. Add a frame with cobblestone with dark wood in the corners and fill out with wood to make the floor in your house. Also do the entrance thing.5. Begin to build the walls as shown in the picture, don’t forget the entrance!6. Add another frame of cobble and put more pine wood in the corners. Stack a fence onto another at the entrance, then build the little roof there too.7. Begin with the next layer, which will be the first bit of the roof. There are cobble at two walls, stairs at two, pine in the corners, and on the front it’s merged with the entrance roof. Just follow how I built, but don’t forget that there are stairs on the back of the house too!8. Simply build as shown in the picture.9. Build the roof with normal wooden stairs, but use two wooden blocks in the middle front to make it look better with the entrance. After that the actual house is done!


Now I will show some more pictures where I added some windows to the basement, a wall, decoration inside and so on. You can decorate it however you want, and the wall is just for a bit of protection and you can build it how big you want.

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