Metal Slug Defense / Description


More than 22 million downloads!
Discover a game that has been worldwide acclaimed!

What’s New in Version 1.26.1
Several bugs have been fixed.


What’s New in Version 1.26.0
1) Add new Units
2) Add new Areas
3) Add new Special Missions
4) Improvement of the Wi-Fi VS specs
*The player will battle against NPC decks when no opponent has been found at the 2 on 2 selection
5) Add “Paid Login Bonus Item”

Here are some of the reasons of METAL SLUG DEFENSE’s success:

▼ Intuitive controls & intense action !
“METAL SLUG DEFENSE” has become a worldwide success thanks to its very simple controls and its addictive gameplay!

▼ 4 players can battle each other via the Multiplayer mode!
Up to 4 players can confront each other in 1-on-1 or 2-on2 epic battles in multiplayer!

▼ Intricate 2D dot pixels!
The characters of the “METAL SLUG” universe, who were created by the best dot-pixel artists, return to fight each other in “METAL SLUG DEFENSE”

▼ Epic battles between human beings, aliens and gigantic robots!
More than 200 different characters divided into 5 armies (Regular Army, Morden Army, Marians, etc.) join the battle in “METAL SLUG DEFENSE”!

▼ Characters from “KOF join the universe of “METAL SLUG”!
The most popular characters from the 2D VS Fighting game series “KOF” are ready to battle with their trademark moves in “METAL SLUG DEFENSE”!

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