MiniMovie / Description

com.asus.microfilm-icon.jpgExperience MiniMovie—the highest rated free slideshow maker on Google Play—as it easily collects photos and transforms them to stunning videos complete with your choice of soundtrack.

MiniMovie has an intuitive set of editing tools that help you personalize your video and add details to make it extra special. Once finished, you can easily share your slideshow file on social media or any video sharing platform you wish to upload it on.


With three simple steps, MiniMovie makes your photos come alive.

Step 1. Select photos.
Step 2. Apply a theme, edit and preview, then save.
Step 3. Share on your Facebook, YouTube, or any other popular social cloud services.

Portrait and landscape mode: Edit projects while your device is on portrait or landscape mode.
Smart face detection: Using smart face detection, the subject’s face is detected in the original photo, then centered in proportion to your chosen template.
Mixed theme : Mixed theme: The newest theme that allows you to combine different themes into one mini-movie! You can use this special theme to integrate all occasions in one slideshow, creating a long mini-movie composed of 50 photos maximum and with a maximum of 3 minutes playtime.
Supports Cloud-based photos: Get your photos from or save it on Google Drive and Facebook.
Themes: Take your pick from professionally-made themes in our special ASUS MiniMovie theme collection. Find one that fits perfectly with a special occasion.
Preview page: Edit the order & focus, music, and subtitles to be used on your slideshow. In this page you can also preview how each theme would appear once applied to your photos and the repeat playback of the background music.
Edit order & focus: Edit the sequence of photos on your slideshow using this feature. Using this feature also lets you adjust the focal point and the display area on each photo.
Edit music: Choose your preferred background music from ASUS MiniMovie’s soundtrack library or use an external file of your choice. You can also trim the portion and adjust the length of music you’d like to use.
Edit subtitle: Add more meaningful notes and text on your slideshow as subtitles. You can also edit the date of the slideshow using this feature.
Save my draft and Continue: You can now save one unfinished project as a draft and finish it later via tapping Continue on the MiniMovie home screen.

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