SnapHack – Snapchat anything! / Description

com.habosa.snaphack-icon.jpgSnapHack is a sidekick for the Snapchat app that lets you:

* Download any snap to your Gallery without the sender knowing!* Draw and write on Snaps, just like Snapchat!* Download a Snap and send it to Facebook, GMail, or any other image sharing app!* Send any image as a Snapchat, even an image you downloaded from the internet!

SnapHack works with your real Snapchat account, and you can send to all of your Snapchat friends.

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SnapHack – Snapchat anything! / Changelog / What’s New in v1.0.9

  1. New in v1.0.9:
  2. * No ads if you buy My Story
  3. * Take pictures with the camera!
  4. * Images show up in Gallery, finally!
  5. * Bug fixes.
  6. New in v1.0.8:
  7. * Text on the image, just like Snapchat!
  8. New in v1.0.7:
  9. * Less crashes!
  10. * Settings!
  11. * Control how long your snap is sent for (in Settings)
  12. * Control if your snap is stretched to fit or not (in Settings)
  13. New in v1.0.6:
  14. * You can finally draw on snaps, just like Snapchat!
  15. * Image-selection bug fixes
  16. * Interface updates

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