IOS7 Emoji Keyboard (iPhone) / Description

com.igood.emojikeyboard.ios7.lite-icon.jpg☆★Want to input iPhone emotion symbols on the Android smart phone?

The App”“iPhone Emoji Keyboard”” can help you to send a beautiful emoji to your friends easily.

Download KitKat Emoji Keyboard(Android 4.4)

Jean Belly Emoji Keyboard Here!

Android 4.1 Emoji Keyboard Here

☆★Apps that Emoji Keyboard surpport-SMS-Gmail-Instagram-Twitter-Facebook-LINE-WeChat-Whatsapp

☆★ Symbols that Emoji Keyboard support-Symbols by SoftbankUnicode coding-Symbols of iPhoneiPodiPad-All IOS 5IOS 6IOS7 emojis symbols

☆★How to enable the iPhone Emoji Keyboard1- Open the “iPhone Emoji Keyboad” app.2- Click the “Enable iPhone Emoji keyboard” in the system input settings.3- Enable the “Emoji Keyboad”.

☆★ FAQ:Q: why just display blank symbols when inputting emoji symbols?A: Because the system version is less than Android 4.0, and it does not support emoji font.Welcome to install the “iGood Emoji” to add emoji font.iGood Emoji


Q: why just display black and white symbols when inputting emoji? But no the colorful symbols as iPhone. A: Because the Android emoji fonts different to iPhone’s unicode coding.

Tips:If the App you use is GO SMS Pro, Youni SMS, Handcent SMS, Pansi SMS or Whatsapp, you can see color symbols surport by these Apps.

❤❤Remind❤❤The Android 4.0 and below does not support Emoji emotionsDownload and install theiGood Emoji, and you can see emoji symbols.

Emoji Keyboard support English & Chinese, iPhone Emoji Keyboard, iPhone Emoji keyboard expression, IOS7 theme, IOS7 Emoji, IOS7 Keyboard.