2048 World Championship / Description

“Let’s be the most beloved, best 2048 number puzzle game in the world.”

com.appgate.android.z048.worldchampionship.google.global-icon.jpgPlease enjoy this new 2048 puzzle game that is easy and fun to play, yet challenging to fully master.
Interesting and addictive 2048 World Championship will instantly quench your thirst for fun.
Take on this 2048 World Championship alone or play with your Facebook friends and compete against users around the globe!

[Please read me]
Hi, you champ!
* We have improved performance.
* Please do not be surprised like that “OMG! My score did not update! My multiplayer record, too!”. We refresh all ranking and multiplayer record every 10 minutes for pleasant and quick Single play and Multiplayer. 🙂
* Buying gold will delete the in-game advertisements.


[How to]
* Swiping the screen make the two same number be added up. 2+2 = 4, 4+4 = 8, 8+8= 16, …, 2048, 4096, 8192, 16384, …
* If you can’t move to any direction and there is no space, the game is over.
* At arcade mode, you will meet more fantastic COMBO bonus and useful items.
* The player who makes 7 combo first wins at multiplayer 7 combo mode.
– Two 2’s add up to ‘4’ – 1 combo. And then ‘that 4’ and another 4 add up to ‘8’ – 2 combo. And then ‘that 8′ and another 8 add up to ’16’ – 3 combo. …, And then ‘that 128’ and another 128 add up to ‘256’ – 7 combo. Let’s rock!!!!

* Inspired by Gabriele Cirulli game available on the web(MIT license): http://gabrielecirulli.github.io/2048/
* Neat & lovely art and sound.
* Single classic, arcade mode is automatically autosaved, and then you can continue anytime unless game over 🙂
* Can keep playing for a high score after 2048 tile. Unlimited!
* I’m the world champ you know. – The world, Local, International ranking available.
* Achievements – try to get them all and get a reward!
* Try competing multiplayer – realtime 1:1 PVP against players around ​the globe and your Facebook friends.
* English, Korean, Japanese supported.

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