Daily Wallpaper with Bing / Description

com.bingdailywallpaper-icon.jpgDaily Wallpaper with Bing allows you to download and set as wallpaper the latest pictures from Bing in high resolution and automatically or manually.


Here is a list of all features :

– Access to wallpapers from all countries enabled by Bing
– Set as wallpaper from the app or automatically
– You can set your own hour for changing automatically the wallpaper
– Download pictures in high resolution directly to your device
– See pictures from current week or only today
– You can also see tomorrow’s picture ! For impatients 🙂
– Set your custom resolution for downloaded pictures / wallpapers
– Change the folder for downloaded pictures
– User can crop by himself the wallpaper or automatically
– Finally, you can limit the download to only use Wi-Fi to save your mobile data.

This app is without ads and does not gather any information about you, nothing that concerns you is collected or stored.

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