MixRadio / Description

com.mixradio.droid-icon.jpgMixRadio is the perfect FREE app for music lovers who like to discover fresh new tunes every day. As you listen, MixRadio learns the artists you like, giving you a PERSONALIZED experience. The more you listen, the better it gets. So, with a whole world of songs out there, you can spend more time listening and less time searching.

Enjoy playlists custom-made to your unique taste from our library of over 35 million tracks. Play them in high quality audio to experience them at their best. Then download your favourite mixes to listen OFFLINE without the hefty data charges!


Discover your perfect playlist with My Mix
– MixRadio learns what you like, to play new music you love
– Select a handful of your favourite artists
– Heart a track as it’s playing and we’ll learn about what you like
– Discover fresh new tracks intelligently tailored to your music tastes, as well as hearing old favourites.

Thousands of handcrafted mixes
– Curated mixes put together by a host of global music gurus from around the world
– Personally ordered and suggested based on what you like
– Everything from the latest charts and party soundtracks, to genre specific mixes.

You can even listen offline!
– Download your top mixes, go offline and avoid data costs
– Swap your offline mixes when you feel like a change
– Keep the music flowing wherever you go with access to hundreds of tunes

Let your friends in on your winning mixes. Share them via Facebook and Twitter to show off your skills.