SayWhat Video Dictionary / Description

co.interlo.interloco-icon.jpgSee phrases like “killing it”, “bae”, and “chill” explained in 10-second videos by our community. Think you can explain better? Join us and make your own videos with SayWhat!

What is it?
SayWhat is a dictionary that uses 10-second videos to demonstrate and explain how these phrases are used in context.

What do I use it for?
• If you grew up speaking English, SayWhat helps you keep up with the latest slang.
• If English is not your native language, SayWhat helps you to fit in.

Who needs SayWhat?
• If your roommate says: “That track just gave me an eargasm” and you were thinking about something non-PG, then, you should use SayWhat
• On “The Voice”, Blake said to Pharrell, “You are my boo.” Blake needs to use SayWhat.
• If you have no idea why he needs to, you need to use SayWhat!


Should I recommend it to my friends?
Yes you should!

If I see a bug is there a human being to hear my feedback?
Yes, email:

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