Game of Kings / Description

Game of Kings is an all new action packed mobile game, where success cannot be found without strategy. Get ready to control your forces all while carefully timing your attacks to ensure victory. Players need to manage their resources, fortify their strongholds, collect and train troops, and strike a balance between attack and defense.Game Features:

✔ Unique Heroes
Game of Kings features over 30 unique Heroes! With so many options, you can find the style that’s right for you and play your way to glory!

✔ Break the Mold
Strategize the way you want! No longer are warriors simply the tanks of battle! Do your sorcorers belong on the front lines or should they attack from the flank? Are priests ALWAYS a support class? In Game of Kings, any class can be used from any position! It’s up to you my Lord!

✔ Lord of the Territory
Embrace your role as commander in an endless stream of battles. Set deadly traps and ready your Heroes to defend you and your land from invasion. Strategy is of the utmost importance, the battlefield is unforgiving. One false move could result in the pillaging in your lands and resources.

✔ Resource Raid
Short on resources? Tired of waiting? Then ready your Heroes, it’s time for a raid! You can send your Heroes into a random player’s territory any time you wish. Watch your every step, capture the enemy castle, and take their resources!

✔ Intense PvP Action
Game of Kings’ PvP is all real-time! Use your Heroes’ skills, control the tides of the battle, and pave your way towards clinching the championship!

✔ Your Heroes Explore
Don’t have the time to spare to level up? You don’t need to! Send your Heroes to explore, work, collect bounties, and get sweet loot from the dungeons!

✔ Co-op is the Key
Game of Kings has voice chat! It’s easier than ever to form a mighty guild, go on more raids, and slay bosses as a team!

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