How to turn off Windows Update in Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest version of Microsoft’s products are the most effective in attracting Windows users in the world market. However, there is a bad side of Windows 10 is that the feature “update forced” by Microsoft without our knowledge. Actually, an update is a good thing because it can help cover existing bugs on our PC. However, it is precisely contrary to the opinion of our friends are experiencing problems after updating the system or a problem with the internet these days is increasingly expensive hehe.

For that, on this occasion I will share a little tips that might be useful for you who are scrimping quotas or internet package. So, after you apply the tips below, you do not have to worry about your internet quota will be sucked quietly.

How to Turn off Windows Update in Windows 10?


Download this file (Mirror) beforehand. After that, extract and place it on the desktop.
Right-click the file and select Run As Administrator.
Then it will pop up a message that reads the question “Is my friend wanted to turn off Windows Update?”, Just press the letter “Y” to begin proses.Mematikan Windows Update in Windows 10
Finished, Windows update has been successfully turned off.

NB: To turn Windows Update back, just run the file with the command Run As Administrator. Then you will be asked again, “Do you want to relive the Windows Update?” Answer yes if you want to turn it back on.